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Coming soon: 'Emma and the Reindeer,' a middle-grade novel!

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I had hoped that "Emma and the Reindeer" would be published
in the summer of 2023, in plenty of time for the holidays, but it needs more work so right now I don't have a publication date.

"Emma and the Reindeer" is a middle-grade children's novel written under the pen name "Emma Gallagher." It's environmental kids' lit, and I'm pretty excited about it! (Middle grade is ages 8 through 12.)

WE MUST find ways to protect the environment and decrease our carbon footprint. I believe protecting the environment is the biggest challenge those of us who are alive now will ever face.

"Emma and the Reindeer" strives to promote conservation and recycling.
There is no time to procrastinate. We must make the necessary changes in our daily lives to protect what we have left, and repair what we can.
I used a Christmas holiday theme because of its universal appeal.
Here's the synopsis:

Global warming is destroying the magic lichen Santa’s reindeer need to eat in order to fly, jeopardizing Christmas as well as the Earth. Emma, age 11, an aspiring author, is recruited to travel to the North Pole to interview Santa’s reindeer and write a children’s book to encourage kids to conserve our natural resources.

Why choose a kid? A young person may be best able to convince her own generation to change its ways and become environmentally responsible.


Each reindeer is a unique personality, and each provides specific conservation tips.


Blitzen also introduces Emma to Isabella, a seal who is the last in a line of seals about to become extinct due to the environmental crisis.

After a short ride/flight on Dasher, an encounter with a polar bear, an accident, some procrastination, and a couple of false starts, Emma musters up enough gumption to write the book. But will it be enough to convince people to change their ways and make saving the environment a priority?

I'm not sure what the cover will look like yet; this is one possibility.


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This one is a pdf of a story from "Twelve Stories for Spring." Since Autism Awareness Month comes in the spring (April), it's a fictional story about an autistic boy who participates in an equine therapy program. We think you'll really enjoy it!

Linda Mansfield's Morgan horse, Bear, gives a ride at Therapeutic Horsemanship in Wentzville, Mo.

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Stories for The 12 Days of Christmas

Jack Borsos takes a quick break to read a story in "Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas." (Kathi Borsos photo)

The "Two Good Feet" series:

Four books of short stories for

men and women, teens through seniors


I know you're busy. That's why I wrote the "Two Good Feet" series. I wanted to give you a little break. You can read a short story quickly, and pick it up easily again if you get interrupted.

The "Two Good Feet" series is a collection of four seasonal books of fictional short stories written for teenagers through senior citizens, male and female.
It begins with "Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas." "Twelve Stories for Spring," "Twelve Stories for Summer" and "Twelve Stories for Fall" fill out the year. All use my real name, Linda Mansfield, for the byline.
Each book contains a baker's dozen of stories for a total of 52 stories in the series, or one for every week of the year. The characters are diverse but they remain the same throughout the series, giving the reader a glimpse into their lives for one full year. Although there are benefits to reading each book in order, each one can also stand alone. So give yourself or someone you love a break, maybe even put your feet up, and enjoy some quick reads!

What they're saying about Stories for the Twelve Days of Christmas:

These light-hearted Christmas stories are very uplifting at a time when many people are depressed with the approaching holidays. Great reads while waiting for appointments or passing the time of day,  with positive outcomes. — Nena Ray

This wonderful little book is a baker’s dozen packed with relaxation. I got it just before Christmas and while it would be perfect to read in quick little moments, I read it all in one night. The stories are refreshingly uplifting and free of the stress generated in 2016. Perfect for a few moments with your morning cup of coffee, or in the evening with a glass of wine. Keep this in mind for next Christmas, or get a few now and share them to chase away the winter blues. Great job, Linda Mansfield!

— Author Gloria Antypowich

If you travel a lot, do your nerves a favor; get this book! This is the perfect 'pick it up, put it down book' to tuck into your travel bag, or have at the ready on your e-reader! Anytime of the year these cozy stories will help soothe the pains of travel and other public annoyances. Love it! I just bought two hardcover versions for Christmas gifts! — Kathryn, an Amazon reviewer

This collection of short realistic stories is perfect for Christmas time. Easy reading, that will make you smile and rethink the way you live. Very good Christmas book. — Author Marcia Martins






'Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas'  is a little like grabbing a cookie or two at a time. There is a sweetness to these stories....These are not children's stories but the language is plainspoken, easy to anticipate, and that makes the book perfect for a busy schedule....Mansfield is not writing little romantic vignettes. She is imagining ordinary people whose lives are changed by choosing love....

She is offering you a Christmas break, manageable moments of connection, so that you come away refreshed and ready for more. And maybe with a little sugar high to keep you going.

'Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas' is a small book of loving reminders to be better, do better, and change your life, by choosing love. It's worth noting that it could be a gift you give to others, as well as to yourself. — Susan Schoch, Story Circle Book Reviews


I think it's great; I'm mentioned a couple of times!  — K. Kringle

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