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Stories for The 12 Days of Christmas
Stories for the
12 Days of Christmas


ISBN-978-0-9962433-0-8 (hardcover)

ISBN-978-0-9962433-1-5 (paperback)

ISBN-978-0-9962433-2-2 (ePUB)

ISBN-978-0-9962433-3-9 (MOBI)


It's the perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer! Although it can stand alone, it's the first of four books in the "Two Good Feet" series.


It's a baker's dozen of modern Christmas short stories that just might help you get into the Christmas spirit, remind you of the real reason for the season, and become a part of your Christmas traditions for years to come.


It's not a children's book; it was written for teens through seniors to provide 13 short breaks over the hectic holiday season. It's probably PG-13, but it's not the kind of book you'd read to kids at bedtime. It's for stressed-out adults to read when things are hectic. Each story takes 10-15 minutes to read. You won't have to make the time commitment you do with a novel.


It's also not a romance, nor is it a devotional, although we do mention the true meaning of Christmas. It's also not a fantasy. There are no dancing snowmen, elves or the like in it, although there's nothing wrong with that. :) The stories are all realistic. Although they're all fiction, these things could have happened.


The book is for women and men. Seven of the stories have female main characters and six of them have male main characters.


Here's a one-line synopsis of all 13 stories:

1. It's Better to Give Than to Receive: A struggling single mom gets a great Christmas present two months late.

2. Yes, Amanda, There Is a Tree: A Jewish accountant from Manhattan learns about tolerance and himself from a pint-sized traveler.

3. 'Ouch!' Said the Donkey, All Shaggy and Brown: Things get too hot for a boy with an important assignment.

4. No Hunting Allowed: Two very different neighbors with very different outdoor Christmas displays learn to co-exist.

5. And Goodwill to All Men: A feisty but forgetful senior gets her message out.

6. North-Bound and Down: A trucker goes to church.

7. The Stockings Were Hung in the Rec Room: A young lady fighting minor depression at the holidays heals herself.

8. Two Trees for Two Brothers: An electrician deals with family tragedy at the holidays.

9. Once Under a Mattress: A tiny Hispanic woman is the glue that holds her big family together.

10. Over the River and Through the Woods: A young woman from New Jersey chooses an unusual form of transportation to attend a holiday party.

11. The Tree House and the Butterfly: A world traveler comes home and reconnects with his young son.

12. Ginger, Come Home!: A harried mom is reminded that it really is all worth it.

13. 'Merry Christmas, Emily': A down-and-out race car driver takes a first step.

Twelve Stories for Spring


ISBN: 978-0-9962433-4-6 (EPUB)

ISBN: 978-0-9962433-5-3 (MOBI)

ISBN: 978-0-9962433-6-0 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-0-9962433-7-7 (hardcover)

It stands alone, but it's the second book in the "Two Good Feet" series, as the stories in "Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas" continue in the spring, summer and fall books. Sometimes the focus continues to be on the main characters. Other times we learn more about the supporting characters.


For example, in the first story in "Twelve Stories for Spring," it's March and we learn more about Kathy's ex-husband. In the second story in "Twelve Stories for Spring," the little girl who charmed Roger in the second story in the Christmas book has an unusual Easter visitor.

Here's a one-line synopsis of all 13 stories:

1. The End of the Road: Kathy's ex-husband serves as a Good Samaritan with painful consequences.

2. The Easter Guest: A young girl hosts an unusual Easter visitor.

3. A Date for the Prom: It's never too late to have that first dance.

4. The Transformation of Jeb Mitchell: A young man begins a journey of self improvement.

5. A Penny from Heaven: Minerva receives a sign from above.

6. A Broken Promise: A wedding doesn't go as planned.

7. Daughter's Day: A daughter wrestles with honoring her mother and standing up to her bullying.

8. Soul Food: Two neighbors agree that fishing is good for the soul.

9. A Memorial Day Letter: A mother realizes she can't ask her son to be less of a person than he is.

10. Puzzle Pieces: An autistic boy does his very best.

11. The Orient Express March: A father has a travel nightmare but makes it home and makes a memory.

12. Special Gifts: A young girl and an elderly woman share their special gifts.

13. Bobby Gaines' Excellent Restart: A sprint car driver returns to the scene of his career-ending accident.

Twelve Stories for Summer


ISBN: 978-0-9968617-0-0 (EPUB)

ISBN: 978-0-9968617-1-7 (MOBI)

ISBN: 978-0-9962433-9-1 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-0-9962433-8-4 (hardcover)


It stands alone, but it's the third book in the "Two Good Feet" series, as the stories in "Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas" and "Twelve Stories for Spring" continue. Sometimes the focus is still on the main characters. Other times we learn more about the supporting characters.

Here's a one-line synopsis of all 13 stories:

1. Girl Meets Boy, Maybe Sort of: Kathy's luck may be changing for the better.

2. A Long Island Fourth of July: A boy and a thief make a memorable Fourth of July for Roger.

3. What Goes Up Eventually Comes Down: Two boys battle a bully and their own fears.

4. The Further Transformation of Jeb Mitchell: A young man helps himself while helping others.

5. Going, Going, Gone!: Minerva tries to remember they're only material things.

6. Unexpected Blessings: Sometimes good things develop despite a natural disaster.

7. Doreen's Day Off: A homeless woman gains direction.

8. Independence Day: Rick has an old and a new opportunity for love. Which will he choose?

9. Play Ball!: Maria has a memorable night at the ballpark.

10. Good Boy: Michelle comes to the aid of a horse with connections.

11. What If?: A mysterious stranger teaches Matt and Jessica a new game.

12. Lead Us Not Into Temptation: An old flame from college steps back into Liz's life.

13. Make It Happen: Bobby Gaines' tenacity opens new doors.

Twelve Stories for Fall

ISBN: 978-0-9968617-4-8 (EPUB)

ISBN: 978-0-9968617-5-5 (MOBI)

ISBN: 978-0-9968617-3-1 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-0-9968617-2-4 (hardcover)

It stands alone, but it's the fourth and final book in the "Two Good Feet" series, as the stories in "Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas," "Twelve Stories for Spring" and "Twelve Stories for Summer" continue and conclude. Sometimes the focus is still on the main characters. Other times we learn more about the supporting characters. Although the first three books were fictional but realistic, some ghosts wandered into this one. A few of the stories are mysteries.


Here's a one-line synopsis of all 13 stories:

1. It Takes a Village: Kathy's ex is back in town, and Luke takes a tumble.

2. Doing All You Can: Roger struggles to get along with his hospitalized father.

3. The Case of the Lime-Green Lighter: Things heat up as Matt and Marti discover who killed Matt's grandfather.

4. The Mystery of the Silver Wallet: Jeb clears his name and saves the day with help from an unexpected source.

5. She's Not Dead Yet: Minerva's life changes forever during a spooky, late-night trip to the farm.

6. One for the Road: With the help of the law and some colleagues, Jim nails Cassie's kidnapper.

7. Where There's a Will, There's a Way: Despite being homeless, Doreen tackles a murder case.

8. Deep Down on the Farm: Rick runs into big trouble underground.

9. Once Under a Mattress, at Sea: Maria finds a body under her bed while on a cruise.

10. A Major Mystery: The discovery of some mangled body parts spurs an international mystery.

11. Making History Come Alive: Years after the Civil War, strange things are still happening in Gettysburg, Pa.

12. The Case of the Missing Toddler: Realtor Liz Thompson searches for a missing child.

13. A Sprint Car Thanksgiving: Bobby Gaines gives thanks for his fresh start.



Paperbacks are also available at these fine retailers:

* Three Sisters and a Trunk, 1434 Main St., Speedway, IN 46224, (317) 432-7624; ask for Marie Hall.

* Indy Reads Books, 1066 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46203, (317) 384-1496; purchases promote adult literacy programs.

* The Shoppes on Strawbridge, 815 E. Strawbridge Ave., Melbourne, FL, 32901, (321) 693-2763; ask for Caroline Grimaldi.

* Paperbacks and hardcovers are also available by special order at any Barnes & Noble store in the world.


Would you like to add our books to your store or library's inventory? They're in the Ingram catalog, but we're open to your ideas.

Just email Linda at

What we're working on next

Emma and the Reindeer

EM 1.jpg

This really isn't the cover. It just gives you an idea. If I go the traditional publishing route I won't get to choose the artist.

This is a middle-grade novel about the environmental crisis, breaking bad habits, and gumption. I'm using the pen name "Emma Gallagher" for this one, for reasons that will become obvious when you read it.

Here is the elevator pitch: Global warming is destroying the magic lichen Santa’s reindeer need to eat in order to fly, jeopardizing Christmas as well as the Earth. A girl is recruited to travel to the North Pole to interview Santa’s reindeer and write a children’s book to encourage kids to conserve our natural resources. After an accident, a couple of false starts, and some procrastination, she musters up enough gumption to write the book. But will it be enough to convince other people to change their ways, and make saving the environment a priority?

The rough draft was completed April 15, 2020. Several revisions followed. After further changes following a critique, it finally was sent to an editor on Jan. 1, 2022. I'm sure more changes will be made, but at least it's getting better!

When it's finished I'll send this manuscript to some agents and publishing houses. If it's not right for any of them I'll self-publish it because I believe Emma deserves to live outside my head and my computer. She does have a serious mission to save Christmas and the world, you know!

Stay tuned!

BIG THANK YOU to the people who have helped with "Emma and the Reindeer" so far:

Critique provider: Chadwick Gillenwater

First-round editor: Jessie Raymond

Beta readers: (alphabetical)

  • Carola Clark

  • Olianna (Oli) Elmore

  • Jennifer Harrington

  • Lorna Johnson

  • Nena Ray

  • Wanda Clark Resler

  • Jeanita Schulten

  • Dick Slease

Post-beta proofreader: Emily Nemchick

Line editor: Susan Korman

Doran-Lista Racing


We're working on it! This will be a non-fiction review of several seasons of the famous Doran-Lista Racing team. It's been more of a challenge than we thought because the press releases are hard to find, but we're slowly gaining on it.


ISBN number to come

ISBN number to come

ISBN number to come

ISBN number to come





Linda Mansfield Author
Linda's Little Tree


"Linda's Little Tree" has been put on the back burner for the moment. If needs to be revised because the first draft was "too adult" for the children's market. It's a true story intended for junior readers, so we need to get it right. Its goal is to help children through the unsettling experience of moving.

P.S.: I know what it needs...a complete rewrite. But I finally have a plan....

Linda Mansfield Author
All About a Horse



We're thinking about this one....

Linda Mansfield Author
The Romance


This is in the "thinking about it" stage too.

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