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Linda Mansfield is a member of:

* Eastern Motorsports Press Association

* American Auto Racing Writers, Broadcasters Assn.

And she's an award winner for both organizations too!

She's also a member of the Indiana Writer's Center.


I can't count the number of press releases and newspaper and magazine articles I've written. Some of them have been in general-interest consumer publications such as "The New York Times," "The Wall Street Journal," and "USA Today."


Most of them are about auto racing.  I have my own PR firm, Restart Communications.  You can find out all about it at That's me in the photo, with Didier Theys on the grid before the start of a European Le Mans Series race in Silverstone, England. And yes, I'm wearing a Justin Henderson sprint car hoodie. Two of my teams have been the overall winners of the Rolex 24 at Daytona; I've represented quite a few IndyCar drivers, and many more sports car and open-wheel drivers.


I've edited numerous newspapers and magazines during my career, and my work is regularly featured in "Speed Sport" magazine. I was the first woman staff member at its predecessor, "National Speed Sport News," so I have first-hand knowledge about paving new paths for women. At one point I also worked on the copy desk at Lebhar-Friedman Publications in Manhattan.


I am a graduate of the same Pennsylvania college as author Dean Koontz, Shippensburg University. I was raised in that same small college town. Although it has many wonderful residents, some of whom are life-long friends, it is also home to an inordinate number of rednecks who falsely believe their stupidity is somehow endearing. It is only thanks to my parents, my teachers and librarians, and an optometrist who fitted me for bifocals in the second grade when my family lived in Mechanicsburg, Pa., that I became literate and learned to love reading.


I've edited six books for other authors:

* "Inside Racing Technology: Discussions of Racing Technical Topics" by Paul Haney and Jeff Braun;

* "Inside Racing: A Season with the PacWest CART Indy Car Team" by Paul Haney;

* "The Racing and High-Performance Tire" by Paul Haney;

* "The Silent Shadow" by Travis Braun;

* "The Real Suspect" by Travis Braun; and

* "What's Next?" by Tom Savage.

This website is all about my own books, however!

Thank you very much for your interest and support!

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