I'm happy to report that I'll be the featured author for the week of Nov. 15-19, 2021 for the Heartland Society of Women Writers. More details to come!


If you're looking for the Cutters Notch podcast, the link is at the bottom of this page. Thank you!


* "In Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas, Linda Mansfield offers up a baker's dozen of short stories, and admits she added the thirteenth because she likes to "give people more than they expect, at Christmas and otherwise." "
- Book Review by Susah Schoch, Story Circle Book Reviews

Dec. 1, 2017 article in Space Coast Daily: http://spacecoastdaily.com/2017/12/stories-about-fictional-brevard-family-available-at-authors-in-a-box-at-melbourne-square-mall/


* http://catholicfiction.net/book-review/stories-for-the-12-days-of-christmas.php

"'Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas' captures the reader’s attention from the first page as the author has a good hand for story settings; she pays attention to details, creating vivid story scenes. The six female and six male main characters are from different walks of life and thus are likely to appeal to most readers. I enjoyed the warm atmosphere created in every story, the mostly conversational and sometimes humorous tone, and the always positive/ happy endings, which, at times, might be too sudden, but are a message of hope and joy--perfect for the Christmas season." — Book Review by Nadine Koerner, CatholicFiction.net

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Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018, 4:30 p.m. Eastern

Host Julie Patterson of Boomer Radio chatted with Linda about the "Two Good Feet" series on Freedom 95.9 FM/950 AM. It was available worldwide by clicking the "Listen Live" bar on Freedom95.us. For more information please see BoomerRadio.com and IndyBOOMER.com.





Linda Mansfield at a book signing at the Barnes & Noble store in Plainfield, Indiana.

Book signing at Barnes & Noble, Plainfield, Indiana.

"Twelve Stories for Spring" is shown in the window of the Three Sisters and a Trunk boutique in Speedway, Indiana.

"Twelve Stories for Spring" is featured in the lower right of the main window of the Three Sisters and a Trunk boutique in downtown Speedway, Indiana.

Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017, 7 p.m.

Don Kay's Autosport Radio Show

McGilvery's Pub & Eatery

3009 N. High School Road, Speedway, IN

This show was streamed live on AutosportRadio.com's Web site, YouTube and Facebook. 

Here's the link to the entire AutosportRadio.com show:


From left to right, host Don Kay of the Autosportradio.com show interviews authors Linda Mansfield and Dave Argabright.

From left to right: Don Kay, Linda Mansfield and Dave Argabright. (Marti Humphrey photo)

Author Linda Mansfield


Linda Mansfield       

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